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About Us

Our Vision

We believe improving the educational outcomes for our students will require support from all segments of our community including parents, caregivers, businesses, elected and appointed officials, civic and faith-based organizations, along with the District’s leaders, staff, and students. We believe that parents are our partners in helping their children learn at their highest levels. We strive to develop effective partnerships with parents and caregivers, based upon trust and respect. We implore their knowledge and involvement both socially and academically, for through collaboration within the community, partnered by the parents, we will accomplish our mission and all students will experience more rigorous academics.

Our Mission

The mission of the George Washington High School staff is to increase rigor and curriculum relevance, and to develop positive student/teacher relationships in all classes. Our instructional goals include a focus on increasing the application of real world mathematical skills, on becoming proficient in constructed responses, and in providing differentiated instruction in all content areas for all ability levels.

The George Washington staff is committed to preparing, ensuring, and empowering all students of diverse backgrounds to achieve their full intellectual and social potential in order to become lifelong learners and productive members of society. We are committed to raising student achievement in all content areas in order to close the achievement gap amongst our students. We are responsible for providing quality education in a safe environment that allows every child to learn at higher levels. The capacity to learn is not determined or limited by race, family income, native language, gender or area of residence. George Washington High School will provide quality education for all students from all backgrounds.

Learn More About Us

If you would like to learn more about our school, please explore our School Profile.  Type in Washington in the search box, and click on the  Washington, George High School link

Last modified: January 2, 2018